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The Fundamentals of Digital and Data-Driven Marketing Course.

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Course Overview

Day 1 Day 2  Day 3
  • Building Blocks for Digital Digital.
  • Defining Digital Marketing and the impact of the internet on marketing.
  • Understanding customer behavior online and approaches to segmentation.
  • Developing an impactful digital marketing plan.
  • Digital marketing planning – six steps to consider in your plan.
  • Setting the SOSTAC approach.
  • Situation analysis and objective setting for your data driven digital plan.
  • Strategies, tactics, and action planning for your digital marketing process.
  • From classroom to the boardroom.
  • SOSTAC implementation.
  • You will work in teams in virtual breakout rooms with mentor support.
  • Choose a company (based on guidance) and critically analyze its digital marketing using SOSTAC.
  • Present your findings in a 5-minute presentation and receive direct feedback on your presentation.



Who can register?

This course is a foundation level unit for those participants who have not studied digital marketing before and are new to this domain. The program will offer insights into how digital marketing differs from non-digital marketing and the importance of data and analytics in the digital domain. It will also offer fundamentals of social media marketing and developing a successful digital marketing campaign. There are no pre-requisites for participating in this course.

Certificates are Awarded to the Participants from University of Southampton.

Course Circullum

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